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Esko Kongsberg i-XL


This product is no longer available; for an updated offer please consult the Esko product page

Esko Kongsberg i-XL: Automated digital finishing systems for signs and displays

Based on the Esko Kongsberg XL-Series of short-run production tables, i-XL, a series of finishing tables, integrates the i-cut® vision system.

The Kongsberg i-XL complements digital printing of sign and displays with a unique finishing solution for the widest range of materials, providing automation, high productivity and outstanding precision.

Thanks to its rock-solid construction with very strong vacuum grip, the Kongsberg i-XL flatbed plotting cutter is the ideal platform for handling the most demanding materials, delivering record-breaking productivity and versatility.

Automated material processing 

Esko conveyer belt systemBoost productivity of the Kongsberg i-XL and i-XE cutting table by automating material loading and delivery with a conveyer system.

The conveyer system loads and delivers any flexible or rigid substrate commonly used in the graphics industry on to the finishing table. Material can either be retrieved from roll or from sheets that are presented by the sheet-feeder, continuously providing non-stop production of your digital finishing system.

Operation of the conveyer and sheet-feeding is fully integrated in the i-cut® workflow ensuring minimized operator intervention. Set up is fast and easy and the i-cut® visual inspection system monitors and compensates for correct material positioning and exact cut-to-print. 

A variety of material handling options are available to handle virtually any flexible or rigid substrate commonly used in the graphics industry in combination with the conveyer system. Flexible material can be continuously retrieved from roll placed on a roll holder mounted in front of the table and rigid material sheets up to 45 kg can be automatically fed through the sheet feeding system. Loading and off-loading tables can be integrated and multiple tables can be connected for extra long sheets. 


Kongsberg tables are successful because of the wide variety of materials they can process. With the i-XL series of tables, you can choose between the FlexiHead and MultiCUT toolheads for high performance finishing.  


ESKO icut systemThe i-XE10 table has an integrated i-cut® vision system in the toolhead. This camera first measures actual dimensions and positions on the actual printed result. Then, finishing is adapted to the shape of the graphics. With the i-cut® vision system, you can guarantee a cut contour that perfectly matches the printed graphics.


Kongsberg uses i-script for smooth finishing of signs and displays. Integrated into a digital production system, the i-script workflow provides automation for the precise finishing of signs and displays on the Kongsberg tables equipped with i-cut® vision system.

Customer benefits

* Finishing signs and displays with the i-scriptTM workflow dramatically improves productivity and quality.
* Automatically finishing of complete sheet and roll of material with virtually no set-up time.
* Big increase in precision and efficiency for runs of 1 to hundreds.
* Minimizing the need for operator intervention.
* Error reduction in the finishing process.
* Adapted by leading RIP & Printer producers.

ESKO iscript diagram

Kongsberg i-XL

I-XL Series

  i-XL20 i-XL24 i-XL44
Working Area with Flexi-Head (WxL) mm 1680 x 1270 1680 x 3050 2210 x 3050
In. 66 x 50 66 x 120 87 x 120
Working area with MultiCUT-tool stations mm 1618 x 1270 1618 x 3050 2148 x 3050
In. 63.7 x 50 63.7 x 120 84.6 x 120
Working area with MultiCUT-router mm 1680 x 1270 1618 x 3050 2210 x 3050
In. 66 x 50 66 x 120 87 x 120
Overall dimensions mm 2250 x 1980 2250 x 3720 2780 x 3730
In. 89 x 78 89 x 146 109 x 147
Max. material size mm 1750 x 1620 1750 x 3420 2280 x 3420
In. 69 x 64 69 x 135 90 x 135
Weight kg 405 580 765
lbs 890 1276 1683
Position accuracy µm ± 200 ± 200 ± 300
In. ± .0078  ± .0078 ± .0118
Repeatability µm ± 50 ± 50 ± 60
In. ± .0019 ± .0019 ± .0023
Max. speed 50 m/min - 33 IPS
Max. acceleration 5.6 m/s2 - 0.56G 5.4 m/s2 - 0.54G
MultiCUT head Two configurable tool stations + i-cut camera + router
FlexiHead Three configurable tool stations + i-cut camera
Material clearance 50mm - 2" (without cutting underlay)
Max. tool force 22kg - 48lbs
Registration and compensation i-cut(R) vision
Workflow i-scriptTM
Workstation Custom operator console attached to i-XL frame, with integrated PC workstation, screen, keyboard and operator panel
Automation features (optional) Conveyer system with roll and sheet/board material loading & unloading equipment
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