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MGI Meteor DP1000 XL


This product is no longer available; for an updated offer please consult the MGI product page.

The DP1000 XL is the sixth generation of MGI Meteor digital presses. It is also the fastest Meteor Super Format Digital Press ever created by MGI. With a speed up to 100 pages/mn and a maximum paper format up to 330x1200mm (13x47 inches), this latest MGI digital press is going to be a key product on the market.

This extremely long format capability, unique in the market of high-volume digital printing, allows for the production of panoramic 5 panel gatefold documents such brochures, signs and banners on substrate stocks ranging from 80 to 450 gsm.

The ability to print on stocks on stocks with 18 pt. thickness and weights of 450 gsm means that the Meteor DP1000 can produce brilliant colors on board stock for small to medium-sized folding carton and box designs. This will be a tremendous benefit for package printers searching for a high-speed solution with variable data printing (VDP) options, as well as commercial printers seeking a cost-effective path to enter the world of packaging.

The MGI Meteor DP1000 can be integrated inline with the MGI DF Pro for an inline solution combines a new unique high-performance (100 pg/m) digital printing press and finishing system in one package. The Meteor DP1000 & DF Pro product suite delivers fully printed and finished documents in a single pass, all completed on the same equipment. The Meteor DP1000 & DF Pro system also eliminates all the traditional extra worksteps, time and complications of moving output to different work environments for finishing and job completion.  

The DP1000 & DF Pro solution can produce a remarkable variety of graphical output – including up to 20 different finishing functions for photos, advertisements, full bleed letterheads and direct mailing jobs that are already creased, cut and trimmed when they come off the press. It can even produce complex folding packages and documents with strike perforated finishes for knock-out, punch-piece components. This solution is designed for high-volume production environments with speeds up to 100 pg/min (including finishing) and a duty cycle of 1 million pgs. per month.

Monochrome and Color Print Speed

Up to 100 A4/letter pages per minute


Min: 140 x 182 mm
Max: 330 x 1,200* mm - 13 x 47’’

* max. paper weight is 250 gsm


Weights between 100 to 450 gsm / 27 lb bond up to 170 lb cover / 16 pt (or 450 µm ±10 µm). Bristol, Matte Coated and Bright, Vergé®, Chromolux®, art papers, etc.

Ticknesses between 100 to 450 µm - 4 mil up to 18 mil
Print PVC*, Polyester, Polycarbonate, PET, Vinyle, Autotype, Teslin®, FOLEX®, MDV®, Melinex®, Agfa Synaps®, Canvas/Holliston, etc.


Integrated Pneumatic Loader - 3,000 sheets maximum capacity with weights from 100 to 450 gsm or thicknesses from 100 to 450 µm/ 4 mil up to 18 mil. Accepts all formats ranging from 148 x 210 mm to 330 x 1,200 mm / 11 x 16’’ to 13 x 47’’. The feeder module is thermoregulated for the moisture stabilization of substrates

Integrated Tray - 800 sheets total capacity with weights from 100 up to 260 gsm or 10 pt.
All sizes included from 140 x 148 mm to 330 x 487 mm /11 x 16’’ to 13 x 19’’


Precise registration   (± 0,2 mm L-R and front-back, page-page ± 0,5 mm).

Feeder Table

Feeder table with fully motorized and automatic side lay guide. Auto-adjusts for format width and paper skew; Ultrasonic double sheet detection system.

XL format up to 1,200 mm / 47’’

Infrared Lamp System (IRSL2)
System of infrared lamps for instant heating of substrates.The substrates are preheated before entering the print engine to optimize print surface and maximize quality

High Capacity Stacker

Top loading; Laser guided stack adjustment; Capacity of up to 5,000 sheets @ 100 gsm/29 lb bond or a paper pile up to 60 cm height

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