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Alwan Launches New Version of CMYK Optimizer


Alwan Launches New Version of CMYK Optimizer

Special offers to celebrate the release of first multi-lingual version in March 2010

Lyon, March 8th, 2010. Alwan Color Expertise, a leader in dynamic color management and standardization technologies, today announced it is unveiling a new version of is popular CMYK Optimizer software. Version 3.8.0 brings to market the most secure method for saving ink while maintaining color integrity for PDF files.

"Printing inks are an important cost element for any print job,"
said Elie Khoury, Alwan's CEO. "But printers are often reluctant to change customer print data to take advantage of ink savings. With CMYK Optimizer, printers are able to eliminate risk and avoid unpleasant surprises on the press. For more than a decade, Alwan has been delivering risk-free ink optimization technologies to the market, and this latest version adds even more security and capability to the mix."

Unique dynamic approach with Alwan CMYK Optimizer

The Alwan CMYK Optimizer is a universally applicable color server with integrated Dynamic DeviceLink technology for print service providers. It is adapted to all types of printing devices, including offset and digital presses, and large format printers which can see as much as 30% savings in expensive inks. In contrast to other color server solutions, Alwan uses a dynamic approach. Every file is analyzed and its color preflighted before further processing takes place. This guarantees that all necessary parameters for a good color transformation are understood in advance. Depending upon the output settings, and based on the color analysis of the job, a Dynamic DeviceLink profile is calculated. This allows color transformation to be implemented in such a way that ink consumption is reduced without visual changes in the color impression and/or measurement.

New in Version 3.8.0

Version 3.8.0 ensures ink savings while maintaining PDF color integrity without shifting colors as can happen with other color management solutions. In addition, Version 3.8.0 delivers exceptional transparency management, maintaining color integrity of transparent objects. Version 3.8.0 also marks the first multi-lingual version of CMYK Optimizer, including localized versions in French and German. Version 3.8.0 also includes an updated Adobe PDF Library 9.0.

"To celebrate these achievements and encourage printers invest in this difficult period of time" added Khoury, "we continue to offer our unique technology at an unbeaten value for money, plus a six months guarantee on ROI".