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New products and partnerships in 2019

We start in 2019 with new partnerships and fresh forces. Observing the evolution of existing demand in the market, we have made the decision to expand our portfolio, thus managing to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Here are the newest producers who joined our partnership: Matic, Xlam, Sefa, Chemica and PlastGrommet.

Among the successful and longevity partners of the company, we list: Hewlett Packard, MGI Digital Graphic Technology, Canon, Esko, Caldera, X-Rite - Pantone, Fotoba International, Summa. With the help of our accumulated experience and the desire to evolve, together we have been able to offer complete solutions and services for the graphics and printing industry over 25 years of activity.

Up to now, our portfolio included wide format and wide-format outdoor and indoor printing equipment, flatbed equipment, digital paper presses, finishing equipment, RIP software and many more. With new partnerships, we also added automated sewing solutions, roller storage systems, plastic staples, transfer foils, pneumatic laminators and thermal presses.

Here's some information about new partners and the equipment sold by them, which you can find in our showroom, located on: Splaiul IndependenĊ£ei, nr. 319, within Sema Park.


With over 15 years of experience, PlastGrommet offers finishing solutions for the digital printers: roller storage systems, manual and automated stapler, router, professional collation kits, plastic staples and more.


Matic, founded in Spain in 1969, manufactures, distributes and markets equipment for the textile industry. With a wide range of products, it offers machines to improve the production and quality of textile finishing. Due to the extensive knowledge of the sector and the thorough preparation of the technological evolution, it develops the solutions most suitable for the high production needs

The equipment you can find in the showroom is:

Matic-Cronos Ultimate, the most flexible solution for making textiles on the digital market for producing flags, displays, banners, tents and curtains. Easy to use and fast, the Cronos sewing system allows users to make high-quality flat stitches, silicone / PVC, Velcro, hem, and reinforcements.

Reduces production time and increases productivity. A great solution, in a small package. Cronos uses just 4mp for the workspace, allowing it to fit in any room.



Chemica has over 30 years of experience in the production of thermal transfer films for the textile printing market. They are recognized as offering the widest range of film colors (60 microns) with the Hotmark line.

They are also recommended for a wide range of other brilliant, glossy, 3D and velvety films that are also available in flockable printable environments, suitable for t-shirts, bags, awnings and more.

In our portfolio you can find transfer films of varying thickness ranging from 50 microns (Hotmarkprint) to 300 microns (Upperflok). They can be applied on different substrates, such as cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fibers.



The profound knowledge of the industry and the high level of professionalism allow Xlam to be a point of reference for their customers. Production processes guarantee the highest standards of quality and technological innovation.

We provide: cold-rolled pneumatic laminators, with take-up system included, equipment designed for signaling and ideal for production efficiency!

In the showroom you can test the XL1600C Pneumatic Laminator. Simple and easy to use, the Emergency Stop button is mounted in a visible and accessible place, guaranteeing excellent results and temperatures of less than 60 °.


SEFA is for over 40 years, the designer and manufacturer of thermal presses for the textile industry and the sublimation market on solid materials. With an international experience and recognized product quality, SEFA offers standard or personalized solutions for transfers to shirts, sporting goods, caps, luggage, cups, mousepads and other visual and photographic communication elements, including large sizes of Ax6, CxD etc .

If you want to sample one of the presses, you can find the Rotex Air Pro press in the showroom.

The pneumatic quality of the thermal press ensures a pressure up to 50% higher than the semi-automatic presses. This equipment offers a strong pressure for laser applications, and by drying before the treatment offers an optimal pressure and heat distribution.