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We launched the BeDimensional creative interface


Grup Transilvae launches  BeDimensional, the creative interface designed to connect digital printing solutions with interior designers, architects and personalized printing users in the home & deco area.

Grup Transilvae continues through BeDimensional the approach launched at Romanian Design Week. A lot of series of conferences and events, meant to create the necessary language for the technology maker, technology user and creative community so as to implement their projects in the best possible form.

This is the goal of launching the online platform (blog) that all creative people can access and  speak about their ongoing projects, ask for advice or create new collaborative opportunities, and Grup Transilvae will help by recommending them the best equipment and print providers that fit perfectly for the specific applications they want to accomplish.

The blog includes home & deco articles, projects completed by Grup Transilvae's customers, as well as many useful information about different applications or materials!

If you want to actively participate in the development of this market by taking over and finalizing the projects, please write to us at and mention what equipment you have, what materials you are working on and what are the applications for which we can recommend you.