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Alwan CMYK Optimizer® Photo


Alwan CMYK Optimizer®

Alwan CMYK Optimizer® is the first Preflight, Standardization and Optimization software for four color separation files.

It allows photographers, designers and prepress companies to quickly and accurately produce documents for problem-free printing. Printers gain the capability to control and improve the printability of files containing four-color separations by optimizing the separation according to the actual process/press/paper. Standardized files using CMYK Optimizer will generate reproducible proofs as well as plates and cylinders that allow optimum printability and runability on pres.

CMYK Optimizer Photo for photographers and small agencies.

This software optimizes RGB images for output on CMYK devices and delivers images according to color standards.

This CMYK Optimizer version guarantees professional quality four-color separations for all your images and offer great benefits for photographers & designers:

  • Problem-free printing of images by the printer
  • Reproducibility of proofs by the printer
  • Standardization of images in accordance with ISO standards and ECI ICC profiles
  • Compliance with ECI and Ghent Working Group specifications

CMYK Optimizer Product Range The CMYK Optimizer Product Range includes four items dedicated to specific industry segments
  1. CMYK Optimizer® Prepress
    for publishers, agencies, repro...
  2. CMYK Optimizer® Press
    for small and medium sized printers
  3. CMYK Optimizer® ECO
    for large and medium sized printers
  4. CMYK Optimizer® Photo
    for studios, labs, photo agencies
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