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Alwan CMYK Optimizer® ECO


Alwan CMYK Optimizer® ECO

Dynamic Black Generation for an unequaled ink and toner consumption reduction and color fidelity on the press

Alwan CMYK Optimizer® ECO edition (ACE) is a unique solution that allows printers to significantly reduce ink and toner consumption of their presses without any visible change to the printed colors.

ACE is the ideal complement of prepress workflow and Alwan Prepress products color management. ACE preflights PDF files or imposed forms color content and ink consumption and ensures the highest possible color ink reduction and printability while maintaining color. ACE recognizes your output printing conditions and press ICC Profile and optimizes black generation for the destination process.

ACE delivers ISO 12647 Color conformance reports that can be used for internal Quality Assurance purposes or sent to clients.

• Industry-First automated Ink Savings system for PDF workflows (released in 2004)
• Easy to integrate and to install in existing production workflows like Kodak Prinergy®, Agfa Apogee®, Screen Trueflow®, Fuji Rampage®, Dalim Twist® and Enfocus Switch®
• Guaranteed compliance with PSO (Process Standard Offset) certification color requirements after few days in production
• Includes PDF industry Standard Adobe PDF library® latest version for problem free PDF processing in any recent or old RIP and production workflow
• Includes Award-winning and industry leading Alwan Dynamic DeviceLinks® technology and Alwan Dynamic Black Generation technology
• Total compatibility with possible upstream color management and Alwan standardization solutions
• Improves make-ready time, print contrast and print stability throughout the print run of any printing process
• Eliminates all wet ink and set-off problems caused by heavy ink weights
• Industry leading Ink Savings software with more than 250 installations worldwide. Please ask your Alwan Preferred Dealer for references.
• Guaranteed and proven maximum ink savings thanks to included "Ink Statistics" calculator
• Winner of nearly all Ink savings benchmarks and studies done by independent organizations. Please ask your Alwan Preferred Dealer for references.
• Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months thanks to Alwan's Money Back Guarantee

CMYK Optimizer Product Range The CMYK Optimizer Product Range includes four items dedicated to specific industry segments

  1. CMYK Optimizer® Prepress
    for publishers, agencies, repro...
  2. CMYK Optimizer® Press
    for small and medium sized printers
  3. CMYK Optimizer® ECO
    for large and medium sized printers
  4. CMYK Optimizer® Photo
    for studios, labs, photo agencies


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