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Alwan PDF Standardizer®


Alwan PDF Standardizer® - PDF and Color Preflight and Standardization

PSO (Process Standard Offset) compliant for PDF Data Reception Control and Conformance

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Alwan PDF Standardizer® (APD) is a unique solution that allows conventional and digital printers to control and normalize the quality of PDF files they receive from their clients. APD

  • is the ideal complement to RIP embedded preflight and color management capabilities
  • preflights PDF file structure and content and ensures PDF conformity with PSO and GWG PDF/X requirements
  • preflights PDF file color content and ensures TAC (Total Area Coverage) color space (OutpuIntent) and color separation (GCR) conformity with ISOcoated, GRACoL® or any other printing condition
  • delivers ISO 15930 (PDF/X) and ISO 12647 (Color) conformance reports that can be used for internal Quality Assurance purposes or sent to clients.

Industry-First automated Quality Control and Assurance server system for the prepress

Alwan's PDF Standardizer® - all-in-one PDF and Color Preflight, Standardization and Reporting.

Easy to integrate, easy to install, does not affect production workflows, working methods and practices, it has guaranteed compliance with PSO (Process Standard Offset) certification requirements for prepress after few days in production. 

APD includes PDF industry leading Enfocus Pitstop® technology for PDF Preflight and Conformance, ensuring total compatibility with possible upstream and downstream PDF and Pitstop Preflight and standardization. It also includes Color industry leading Alwan Dynamic DeviceLinks® technology for Color Separation Preflight and Conformance offering total compatibility with possible upstream and downstream color management and Alwan CMYK Optimizer® Preflight, Standardization and Ink Savings.

The PDF industry Standard Adobe PDF library®'s latest version ensures problem free PDF processing in any recent or old RIP and production workflow. Integrating Automation industry leading Enfocus FullSwitch software APD makes possible the import and export of PDF files in production workflows.

A priceless ability of APD is that it solves or warns of any potential problem regarding file format, color or transparency, before PDF gets into the production workflow. It provides Success or Error Preflight reports as well as PDF conformity reports for all PDF files in production.

The PDFs produced are certified and compliant with the latest Ghent PDF workgroup specifications.

Alwan's Money Back Guarantee for a Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months.

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