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Canon Océ Colorado 1650


UVgel technology has been developed by Canon to deliver unprecedented productivity, matched with excellent output quality on a broad range of media for optimum applications versatility. Working with the attributes of UVgel, the Océ Colorado 1650 has been engineered to the highest industrial standards to meet the peak production requirements of businesses of all sizes, producing high volumes of wide format graphics within the short turnaround times demanded by clients.

Breakthrough Productivity
Faster than any other printer in this segment, with a top speed of 159 m²/hr for applications such as billboards or outdoor banners, the new Océ Colorado 1650 offers print service providers (PSPs) an unprecedented level of productivity. Even at the highest level of quality for close-up indoor applications, the printer operates at a speed of 40 m²/hr.

Canon UVgel ink is instantly ‘pinned' on contact with the substrate, resulting in a highly controlled and precisely positioned dot with minimal gain. By minimising ink spread and coalescence on the media, the required volume of ink can be printed in each pass, delivering rich, intense images at ultra high speed.


The state-of-the-art low temperature LED-UV curing system moves independently from the printing carriage, enabling uniform, post-print UV curing that further contributes to print speed and print quality. The cured UVgel prints are instantly dry and ready for finishing or laminating, ideal for businesses handling jobs demanding fast turnaround and installation.

Productivity is further boosted by the dual-roll configuration of the Océ Colorado 1650, which enables the PSP to switch between two types and sizes of media on the fly, for fast production of mixed applications.

Excellent Quality
The Océ Colorado 1650 delivers excellent image quality and repeatability, print after print. The precise, instantly ‘pinned' UVgel dot produces sharp images with minimal dot gain and virtually no satellites, while the stable, highly controlled dot ensures superb colour consistency from swathe to swathe.

Canon UVgel printheads incorporate patented continuous nozzle monitoring using acoustic sampling to detect and correct any underperforming nozzles, virtually eliminating white lines. This allows for unattended printing and reduces wasted prints.

As with all roll-to-roll printers, an important factor in print quality and application range is the accuracy with which the printer advances the media. The printer's heavy, robust frame, class-leading rigidity and industrial components ensure stability of media handling. The system also uses an optical feedback loop that continuously monitors media advance to automatically correct the subsequent step size as needed.

Broad Application Range
The Océ Colorado 1650 is suitable for businesses producing both indoor and outdoor applications, including posters, banners, signage, POS, billboards, window graphics, decals and bespoke wall coverings.

UVgel is a low-heat process using LED curing, ensuring minimal media distortion and extending the range of printable substrates, including thin and heat-sensitive media. Furthermore, UVgel ink contains no water, which significantly reduces media swelling, improving dimensional consistency.

UVgel ink reproduces a large colour gamut comparable with eco solvent inks, but with the environmental and safety profile of latex and UV inks. UVgel prints are durable, colour-fast and highly resistant to the stresses typical of outdoor applications, while the odourless and VCL-free prints satisfy the highest environmental standards for sensitive indoor uses.

Accelerated Return on Investment
The Océ Colorado 1650 is designed for low total cost of operation to accelerate return on investment. Canon UVgel technology reduces ink consumption by as much as 40% compared with competitive technologies, thanks to a more efficient way of jetting ink, significantly reduced maintenance inks and by removing the need for optimisers.

The printer's automation features reduce operator handling time by up to a third compared to competitive technologies, for example by deploying a unique dual-roll media system to decrease the time required to load media. The industrial design is geared towards maximum productive uptime with minimal maintenance intervention.

The UVgel technology will be promoted in Romania by Grup Transilvae.

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