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EFI Colorproof XF

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EFI ColorproofTM XF*, a professional-level RIP software

*available in version 4.1 since February 1st 2010

It enables you to mange color in a new dimension by providing you with all the tools to produce the best color possible and to master any proofing or printing task, including producing ISO 12647-7 / 8 compliant validation printing and contract proofing.

The solution caters to ad agencies, prepress businesses, publishers, newspapers, packaging companies, full service printing houses, semi-professional photographers and print shops.

The solution is easy to set up, configure and use because of its application wizards and intuitive user interface. These tools allow you to easily manage each job, output configuration and location in a remote proofing environment, regardless of whether or not you work in a Windows®, Macintosh® or mixed environment!


Colorproof XF is focused on supporting industry standards, so it can be easily integrated into open standard workflows. As a result, you can do tasks such as produce ICC compliant proofs according to ISO12647-7 or G7 or process PDF/X files or Pantone Goe spot colors.

In addition, the Ugra/Fogra media wedges v2.2 and v3.0 and the IDEAlliance control strip are included.

Colorproof XF is simple to use, so users can pick it up within a day due to its user-friendly interface, tutorial wizards, automatic modes and preconfigured workflows.  Colorproof XF's modular architecture allows you to customize the solution to meet your specific needs and operation size by adding on the appropriate product or output options.

The combination of Colorproof XF with the latest printer technology and the embedded spectrophotometer lets you maximize your productivity with an automated workflow. The technology handles each step of the color measurement process automatically from linearization, profiling, calibration, to optimization and verification. It also enables you to print labels directly on the output.

In addition, the solution's integrated remote proofing technology lets you easily set up remote proofing workflows and ensure consistent proof results at any location in your remote environment. The combination above also lets you profit from the most efficient remote proofing workflow ever. Speed up your production and save your money on expensive courier services.

The Dynamic WedgeTM

is a dynamically created control strip that shows a job's key and spot colors for verifying and if required optimizing the job's color accuracy. It is perfectly suited for color critical print jobs where a static wedge (e.g., Ugra/Fogra media wedge) does not reflect the key colors adequately or spot colors at all.

Colorproof XF supports the latest technologies for streamlining and enhancing workflow communication such as the Adobe® PDF Print Engine. Powered by Bestcolor® technology, Colorproof XF ensures for perfect color matching for key and spot colors. It even comes with the DIC, HKS, Pantone and Toyo spot color libraries.


The solution's tools transform your printer into a fast and efficient production device.

These features include tiling, step & repeat and color adjustments. In addition, its outstanding nesting capabilities lower your production costs dramatically by decreasing paper waste.

Colorproof XF integrates with other EFITM solutions to meet your current and future printing needs. Now, you can streamline your production process, increase your productivity, and save money by avoiding redundant steps using EFI Print MIS and Web-to-Print solutions via a JDF connector.

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