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EFI Fiery XF


EFI Fiery® XF

produces the most accurate and vibrant colors whether businesses use aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent or UV printers.

Available in version 4.1 since February 1st 2010

Powered by Bestcolor® Technology and based on Colorproof™ XF, the solution’s fast RIP speed also achieves the best performance in all major printers including: VUTEk, HP, Epson, Canon, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland. Its three configurations and automated workflow allow companies to handle high volume production with tight turnaround schedules, regardless of their employees’ skill levels. 

EFI Fiery XF is the color management solution for accurate, vibrant colors on superwide and wide-format printers.

The fast RIP achieves the best performance and speed for most of the major solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers from VUTEk®, HP, Epson, Canon, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers. Its automated workflow maximizes your investment by increasing your production and improving your output quality.

Flexible Accurate Results Every Time with Breakthrough Color Technology

Fiery XF comes with industry-leading color management tools such as Intelligent Clean Colors and Full Gamut mode to address the specific color needs of the large and superwide format production markets by producing high quality, eye catching images.

The Fiery XF Spot Color Option enables you to profit from advanced spot color management. It reproduces spot colors digitally by maximizing and fully utilizing a printer's color space to ensure accuracy and consistency of spot colors.

With EFI's patent-pending Dynamic WedgeTM, a dynamically created control strip that shows a job's key and spot colors, you can verify, and if required, optimize a job's color accuracy.  It is perfectly suited for color critical print jobs where a static wedge (e.g., Ugra/Fogra media wedge) does not reflect the key colors or spot colors adequately or not at all.

Get a Greater Return on Investment with a Modular Solution

Fiery XF's modular architecture allows you to customize the solution to meet your specific needs and operation size by adding product and output options when you need them.  Fiery XF also integrates with other EFI products, such as our industry-leading Print MIS or Web-to-Print solutions, to meet your growing business needs.

Use the Latest Adobe Technology to Improve Your Workflow

Fiery XF also supports the latest technologies for streamlining and enhancing workflow communication such as the Adobe PDF Print Engine V2.0, ensuring quick and correct PDF handling.The integrated Postscript Interpreter from Adobe (CPSI), can process images based on Adobe Postscript 3 (PS3) quickly to ensure correct interpretation of transparencies and overprints, saving precious time and greatly reducing scrap and production errors.

Make the Most of your Printer Capacity

Fiery XF processes various jobs at the same time with real-time, multi-tasking capabilities, enabling companies to print and profile simultaneously,easily and quickly.

Benefit from a Complete Solution for the Color Supply Chain

Coupled with other EFI solutions, Fiery XF is the answer to your challenges with the Color Supply Chain. It provides an end-to-end process for producing good color from creative design to production and output. The benefits include faster execution, reduced costs and consistent corporate colors.

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