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Esko Kongsberg C

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The Kongsberg C Series is built upon a decade of Kongsberg X Series table innovations that are integrated with Esko software expertise and innovation.  It is designed for 24x7 Production and Industrial Environments.

Features include:

  • New, larger size for more flexibility
  • Rugged construction to enable full high quality cut, crease, and Kongsberg unique High Power milling capabilities at high speed
  • Ergonomic design for better usability and productivity
  • Tools supporting expanded production capability and higher productivity

Features that support productivity

The C-series' unique Carbon Composite Traverse is extremely rigid, supporting High Speed, Fast Acceleration, High Quality Creasing and Highest Power Milling.

Replacing the traditional aluminum construction beam allows the Kongsberg C to run at full production speed on much larger material without losing accuracy.

The carbon composite traverse beam supports high speed and acceleration, plus minimizes deflection when carrying heavy tooling and when creasing with high down-force.

Upgraded X and Y axis motors help maintaining the high speed and acceleration despite the weight increase of the moving parts due to the extended beam

Kongsberg C Provides excellent dynamic performance

Most manufacturers reduce table speed to compensate for traverse beam flex during operation.  Our Carbon Composite beam enables delivery of up to 40% higher performance than other 3 meter wide XY finishers.  At 100m/min rated output speed, the Kongsberg C leads the super wide category.  Customers can work to the maximum material size, and deliver the highest quality finishing at the highest speed, consistently.

Automatic Tool Leveling (ATL)

The ATL is a unique Kongsberg feature providing a pressure-sensitive pad that very accurately and automatically calibrates the vertical operating level of all the tools. The two main benefits of this feature is that knife blade and milling bit changes become much faster and also much safer, because operator errors in connection with such changes are eliminated.  Such errors may destroy expensive material and, in serious cases, damage the cutting underlay or even the tabletop itself.

The tooling system

The tooling system consists of a wide variety of optional tool units. These can be quickly mounted in the tool position accommodated for the tool and prepared to cut and finish a specific job, assuring exceptional quality and prompt delivery. Three tool positions are available, enabling usage of three tools within the same job.

Technical specifications


Work Area (W x L)



3210 x 3200

126.37 x 126

Max. material size, w/o conveyor feed     



3330 x 3730

131 x 147

Max. material size, w/ conveyor feed     



3210 x 3730

126½ x 147

Overall Dimensions incl. workstation



5100 x 3920

201 x 154½

Overall Dimensions excl. workstation



4260 x 3920

168 x 154½






Maximum speed

100 m/min  -  66 IPS

Maximum acceleration

14m/s2  - 1.4G

Control software

i-cut Vision Pro

No. of vacuum sections


Standard traverse clearance (excluding cutting underlay)

 70mm – 2,75”


Table control workstation

Workstation containing monitor, keyboard, mouse and table operation panel including joystick for jog operations.  The workstation contains a drawer for convenient storage of utensils and accessories.

The workstation can be mounted on the left or right side, or in the front if the table is not set up with conveyor feed.

Material registration system

Removable material positioning brackets included. The brackets are positioned at the front and rear right corner of the machine and work also when the machine is equipped with conveyor feed.  The machine is delivered with camera vision control for printed material.

Operator Safety

Included is the DynaGuard Safety System, which protects the operator and bystanders from potential machine hazards. The movable parts of the machine (traverse, carriage) are surrounded by a set of photocell sensors that, if activated, will immediately stop the machine and wait for the operator to resume operation.  If a traverse end hits a bystander the photocell beams go out of position and operation is similarly stopped.

In addition the machine is equipped with emergency stop buttons and a warning light, which is lit as long as the servos are powered.

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