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Manufacturer: Summa
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For more than a quarter-century, Summa engineers have designed some of the most popular, affordable and durable equipment solutions for the sign making, outdoor advertising and aircraft marking industries.

Summa was formed in 1999 after the merger of WestComp, Inc., and CalComp Display Products nv (formerly Summagraphics).

Summa's rich history began in a factory raised in Gistel, Belgium in 1973. The factory was established to assemble high-tech recording devices used in, among other things, the manufacture of precision optical lenses. Summa's evolution into vinyl imaging started in 1987, when it began modifying pen-plotters for use in vinyl-cutting applications. That evolution led to what Summa is today, a recognized global leader in vinyl cutting and imaging equipment for the sign, outdoor advertising and aerospace markets.
  • Summa D140

    the top-of-the-line cutter series that overcomes all other competitors.

    Summa S2 T 160

    contour cutting equipment for flexible materials