GT´s products and services are structured in four categories of solutions


Large Format and Industrial Printing

The “Large format and industrial printing” category mainly includes solutions having in their center a large or wide format HP equipment.

Grup Transilvae is the partner of Hewlett-Packard Industrial Printing Solutions Europe for all the HP portfolio of large and wide format printers, from 1m to 5m in size. This partnership has allowed us to combine cutting-edge equipments with our specialists' expertize to develop and deliver high standard solutions in the field of indoor and outdoor large format and industrial printing.

Grup Transilvae is Canon CEE strategic partner, offering the entire range of innovative services and solutions from the Display Graphics Solutions category, including Océ Arizona UV flatbed printers.

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Digital Printing

The solutions included in the "Digital Printing" category are based on the MGI brand, acknowledged in the printing industry for innovation and their revolutionary products.

The close collaboration between the French company MGI Digital Graphic Technology and Grup Transilvae made possible the building of a solid portfolio in the digital printing area. From multi-substrate printing for paper, plastic and envelopes to digital spot UV coating or complete solutions for plastic card production, our consultants will help choose the most suitable equipments for the clients' business.

Color Management

Color management is one of the strongest points of Grup Transilvae.

The indisputable experience of our consultants in the field has been developed in over 20 years of activity and has led to the creation of high quality color management services. From the clients' perspective this knowledge has been translated in work flow optimization, increased productivity and profits.

The solutions included in the Color Management category are composed of services like Fogra certifications or color calibrations and specialized products of renowned brands in this field like X-rite or Just Normlicht.

Other solutions

In order to create complete solutions, suitable to each company's specific characteristics, besides equipments as HP or MGI - which are in the center of the corresponding solutions - it is necessary to deliver a series of complementary products and services which would complete our proposals.

Therefore, in GT's portfolio are important brands in the graphics industry: Apple, Adobe, Corel, Quark, Tecco etc.

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